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Felix Taste

We color the moments related to food and taste with happiness.
Felix Taste was born from Felix Hotels’ thirty years of experience in hospitality and quality catering. A brand entirely dedicated to all variations of taste, from the gourmet restaurant to the bistro & amp; patisserie, different locations under a single philosophy.

Restaurants, Bistros & Pastry
a single idea of taste and happiness

Felix Taste is the food&beverage division of Felix Hotels. A single idea of taste and happiness offered in the Group’s hotels and in restaurants open to the public. Felix Taste has its own
pastry shop that supplies artisanal products for breakfast and desserts with a point of sale open to the public in the Felix Olbia hotel in Viale Aldo Moro 333.

Felix Taste takes care of the catering for events, private parties and meetings, both in the Group’s hotels, both in external locations and private villas. It also manages the restaurants open to the public at the Felix Olbia hotel: the Felix Bistrot&Pasticceria and the Felix Rooftop.

“Good food is the foundation of true happiness”
Auguste Escoffier

It is the brand new space inside the Hotel Felix Olbia, in the lively avenue Aldo Moro, designed to be the perfect meeting place from morning until afternoon. At Felix Bistrot & Pasticceria you can enjoy a special breakfast, with a great variety of sweet and savory choices. A journey through croissants, pancakes and donuts or a continental breakfast for a business lunch or a relaxing break. Do not miss the original creations of the pastry chef and the menu of dishes from the Felix Taste brigade.

The new Felix Rooftop restaurant is the right choice for an aperitif at sunset or for a romantic dinner on evenings all year round. A restaurant with a unique view over the city of Olbia. One a terrace and internal room with the spectacular swimming pool on the roofs of viale Aldo Moro. The fish cuisine and the products of the land, the meat, the appetizers, together with the desserts of the Felix Taste pastry shop, promise a unique experience: there is a new taste to be discovered.

It is the reference point for gourmets in search of refined cuisine. The Parco degli Ulivi restaurant in Arzachena is the genesis of Felix Taste, where the flavors and scents of the Mediterranean are always reinvented with surprising combinations. Immersed in the green countryside of Arzachena, it offers a journey into Mediterranean fish and meat cuisine, revisited with flair and imagination.

La Pasticceria

Felix Taste pastry is the ultimate expression of happiness and the exaltation of senses.
An explosion of colours, balances of flavors and special ingredients. In the windows all the creations of the pastry chef. The Felix Desserts, sweet single portions with creative and colorful shapes, the Felix Cakes are innovative and modern cakes. And then the croissants with slow and natural leavening, baked cakes and tartsbiscuits of the best tradition such as meringues, amaretti and black and white chocolate biscuits and sweets Sardinians.

Sweetness and lightness to be enjoyed at the Felix Bistrot&Pasticceria of the Felix Olbia hotel or at serve to your guests as a dessert.

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